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I'm passionate about vocal coaching as I know first hand just what a difference the right technique can make to someone’s voice. Whether you’re starting out on your journey or you’re already an advanced singer needing some help and guidance, I can help you. 


I teach a well known technique called Speech Level Singing/IVA which is an amazing training system used by many famous artists including Stevie Wonder, Natalie Cole and Michael Jackson.


I offer both online courses and 1-2-1 lessons. Please book a free discovery call to discuss which option is going to best for you.

Interested in lessons? Please get in touch!

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For as long as I can remember I have wanted to sing and grew up singing in my dad’s church and in choirs. I remember one choir performance, when I was around 12-13 years old, where I was asked to sing a solo. We practised the song and afterwards the choir director asked if I could possibly sing the verse with a bit more power. I knew exactly what she was after but I also knew that there was no way that was going to reach the higher notes in the song if I belted it out. I opted for the softer version but I felt embarrassed that I wasn’t able to deliver what she wanted.


For years I struggled to make sense of my voice. I had numerous singing teachers and tried different approaches to get rid of the break in the middle of my voice. I tried bringing my head voice all the way down the range as my chest voice was too uncontrollable. That approach lacked power and was very frustrating, so I then tried pulling my chest voice up as far as I possibly could. This worked well for a while, and was very useful for singing gospel music, but it wasn’t healthy for my voice at all and I was diagnosed with muscle tension dysphonia. My voice was always tired and gravelly and I had a rasp in my voice that wouldn’t go away. I honestly felt like giving up. 


Then I got introduced to SLS (Speech Level Singing, later on IVA (Institute for Vocal Advancement), and it was love at first sight. I loved the exercises, the training system and the structure and I could see the effect the technique was having on my voice. It wasn’t an overnight change, and I’ve worked really hard on my voice, but I can honestly say that the technique has transformed my voice! The rasp is gone and I now have options how to sing a song as I have learned how to mix my ‘two voices’ together. 


I loved the technique so much and wanted to help other singers find vocal freedom too, so I became a certified IVA vocal instructor! I had studied other techniques too (Estill level 1&2) but for me personally IVA was the perfect fit.


As well as teaching privately, I have taught in primary and secondary schools and is currently a first study vocal tutor on the university degree course at London School of Theology. I have run masterclasses, community choirs and scratch choirs for clients such as BP, Tesco, Musicademy and Mission Worship.

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