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I was born in Denmark but moved to London at the age of 20 to study Performing Arts under the leadership of David and Carrie Grant. What was meant to be a one year stay turned into many, many more years and I’m still here!

Soon after arriving in London I joined the much acclaimed London Community Gospel Choir, and sang with them for more than 7 years. I loved singing with the choir and  had some amazing times travelling the world and backing some incredible artists. My love for backing vocals and my experience singing with and for some amazing singers and artists really began here. During my time in the choir I met some fantastic people who I continued to work with even after I left the choir: Patsy McKay, founder of Aklass Entertainment Agency, and Noel Robinson, gospel artist signed to Integrity Music - both have carried on providing me with amazing opportunities even to this day. Please go to the ‘Session singer’ tab for more details on the artists I’ve worked with.


Although I was singing with some incredible singers and getting some great opportunities, I was really struggling to make sense of my voice. I tried various singing teachers over the years but it wasn’t until I found SLS (speech level singing) and later on IVA (institute for vocal advancement) that I started putting my voice together. Finding this technique totally transformed my voice and I loved it so much that I decided to become a certified IVA vocal instructor! Please go to the ‘Vocal Coach’ tab for more details on my vocal coach background.


I currently work as a first study vocal coach at London School of Theology (LST) - a job which I absolutely love! I find it a privilege and an honour to help my students develop their voices and find vocal freedom to truly express themselves. Alongside my job at LST, I work from my home studio in West London, where I teach singing and record vocals. Please go to the ‘Backing Vocals Online’ tab for more information on my backing vocal services.

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